Guide – Manual – Check List for Nanny – Caregiver – Home with a child with Autism

Nanny Checklist

Daily Nanny Checklist

  • Arrival Routine:
    • Check in with parents for updates or special instructions.
    • Review the day’s schedule and exciting activities.
    • Check the children's school bags for folders, updates from school/teacher, event or schedule changes, and any forms that need to be returned.
  • Childcare Duties:
    • Help the children with homework or school projects, making learning fun and engaging.
    • Prepare and serve a delicious and healthy dinner that everyone will love.
    • Plan and participate in fun activities that spark creativity and joy.
    • Guide the children through their evening routines, turning bath time and bedtime into enjoyable moments.
    • Read captivating stories or engage in soothing activities to help the children relax and get ready for sleep.
    • Ensure the children enjoy their swimming lessons, keeping them safe and happy.
    • Join the children at school events or family gatherings, ensuring they are secure and enjoying themselves.
  • Household Management:
    • Keep common areas like the living room and kitchen clean and inviting for the whole family.
    • Ensure sofa sides and under furniture are tidy and neat.
    • Regularly take out the trash to keep garbage levels low and replace trash bags as needed.
    • Sweep, vacuum, and steam clean the living room and kitchen floors daily, making sure the house is spotless by the end of your shift.
    • Assist with grocery shopping, making it a fun activity.
    • Keep track of household supplies and inform parents of what needs to be restocked.
  • Safety and Health:
    • Administer any medications or treatments as directed by parents, ensuring everyone is healthy and happy.
    • Maintain a safe and nurturing environment for the family.
    • Monitor the children's health and promptly report any concerns to parents.
  • End of Shift:
    • Share a summary of the day's fun activities, behavior, and any notable events with parents.
    • Prepare for the next day’s exciting activities or tasks to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Weekly Nanny Checklist

  • Activity Planning:
    • Plan and prepare engaging and educational activities for the week.
    • Coordinate and supervise fun playdates or outings as needed.
  • Household Supplies Check:
    • Inventory and restock household supplies like cleaning products and pantry items.
    • Check and update supplies for the children.
  • Housekeeping Tasks:
    • Thoroughly clean common areas, play areas, and bedrooms, making the home sparkle.
    • Ensure all toys, equipment, and household appliances are clean and in great condition.
  • Health and Safety Review:
    • Check and restock the first aid kit if necessary.
    • Review emergency contact information and procedures to ensure everything is in place.
  • Laundry:
    • Do laundry, then fold and organize clothes once or twice a week, keeping everything neat and tidy.

Monthly/Bi-Monthly Nanny Checklist

  • Deep Cleaning:
    • Deep clean common areas, children's play areas, bedrooms, and other frequently used spaces to maintain a pristine environment.
    • Sanitize toys, equipment, and high-touch surfaces to keep everyone healthy.
  • Developmental and Household Check:
    • Review and track the children’s developmental milestones and progress.
    • Discuss any concerns or observations with parents to support the children's growth and well-being.
    • Conduct a comprehensive inventory of household supplies and plan for any large purchases.
    • Check clothing and shoes for fit and condition, updating as necessary.
  • Emergency Preparedness:
    • Review and update emergency plans and procedures.
    • Conduct a safety drill with the children if appropriate.

Special Tasks

  • Trash Day (Monday):
    • Ensure all trash cans are filled and placed out for garbage pick-up, making the house ready for the new week.