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Global Relief and Support Corporation vision is to improve the lives of all affected by autism and envision a world where individuals and families living with autism are able to maximize their quality of life, are treated with the highest level of dignity, and live in a society in which their talents and skills are appreciated and valued. GRS is also in its initial stage of creating a network of people who will provide advocacy, education, information and referral,

 support, and community at national, state and local levels through their strong nationwide network of Affiliates.

Started a couple of years ago but formally incorporated in  2021 by the families who have been affected by Autism, who had some years in denial like a lot of parents out there, 

when one of the friend, Founding Board Member, Mohammed A Khan use to share his concerns about his own son age 3 being diagnosed with Asburger syndrome which is now part of Autism Spectrum Disorder and his friends response would be every

kid is different, just give it some time, while the family started going through the initial phase of identifying the diversity of their kid, observing the same needs around, he shared his observation about his friend’s Son, Azlan, their only son and expressed observations bluntly 

That he sees Azlan being on the spectrum, It took months, almost a year of self research and professional diagnoses to realize that Azlan their 3 years old son has Autism.

Mohammed’s experience and learning of the needs and requirements and the available resources out there helped passing it on to Asad and his efforts for their kid, made them realize how they can help every family with autism.

GRS Corp invisions to be a leading source of trusted and reliable information about autism.


We know

Hearing the diagnosis of autism can be an overwhelming experience for families. However, the time of diagnosis is also the time to stay focused and ask questions. In addition to providing the diagnosis, members of the evaluation team are a family’s best, most immediate source for information, recommendations, direction and referrals. It is important that families not leave this meeting without the names and numbers of trained professionals, programs and related resources in their geographic area. Early diagnosis can lead to effective early intervention which can lead to significant gains for the newly diagnosed individual but only if the family now knows where, and to whom, to turn.

From “What Is Autism Spectrum Disorder?” at the National Institutes of Mental Health, available online here.

Best Autism


One of the most important things to know about autism is that it is a neurodevelopmental disorder, not a mental illness. It is not caused by poor parenting or bad behavior, and it cannot be cured.


Support groups or online forums where parents and caregivers can connect with others who are going through similar experiences.


Informational resources for parents and caregivers of children with autism, to help them understand the condition and learn how to best support their child.